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10 Most popular laptop stickers of 2016

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Laptops might come out of the box looking the same, but that doesn't mean they have to stay that way. Stickers are a great way to show off your unique personality, and to help you get started we've compiled a list of the 10 Most popular laptop stickers of 2016 (based on sales on amazon.com and redbubble.com).



StickerMiner - App Pack

10. Sometimes one sticker just isn't enough. Luckily this pack of ten stickers is around to help you show off all your favorite apps. 



Redbubble - Just do it

9.  Feeling like you're spending all your time putting things off instead of actually doing them? Remind yourself to get back to work with this great sticker.



Amazon - Patagonia Fish

8. Thanks to this Patagonia brand logo, you can show off your love of the great outdoors, even when you're stuck indoors.


Melted Rubik's Cube

Redbubble - Melted Rubik's Cube

7. If you just want something that says "I like things that look cool", this melting cube sticker has you covered.


Taco Bell Sticker

Redbubble - Taco Bell Logo 

6. Every late night cram session needs munchies, and with this taco bell sticker you can let people know just where you pick up your supplies.


Pokemon Pokeball

Etsy - Pokeball 

5. Gotta Catch 'em all? Show off your status as a Pokemon trainer with this pokeball.


 Big Kiss Sticker

StickerMiner - Kiss Mark

4. Give your laptop a little love with a great big kiss.


Rosie the Riveter Sticker

Redbubble - We Can Do It

3. If things seem like too much to overcome, give yourself a boost of can-do-attitude with this Rosie the Riveter sticker.


The GodFather logo

Amazon - The Godfather logo

 2. Not only is there a Godfather quote for every situation, but there's a Godfather Sticker for every laptop.


Dog Sticker

Redbubble - Puppy!

1. Who's a good girl? This Sticker's a good girl! Take some time to remind yourself of the good things in life with this adorable puppy sticker.

See something you like, or want to shop for more ideas? StickerMiner has a great collections of stickers for you to choose from, including numbers 10 and 4 from our list. 

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