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Free Amazing Emoji Designs by EmojiOne Make Parties Come to Life

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We're always on the lookout for new and exciting party ideas, but sometimes it seems like there's nothing new under the sun. If you're in the process of planning a party and you want to make sure that it's anything but ordinary, you might want to consider using some of the free amazing emoji designs by a company called EmojiOne. Basically, the company allows people and companies to use its emojis in return for a small "attribution line" like "Icons provided free by EmojiOne."

Emojis are those little smiling or frowning faces that we use to punctuate our text messages and social media posts: billions of people around the world use them every day, so why not include them in your next party's theme? Emojis make people laugh, and studies show that workers who enjoy office parties are more likely to stay with their company long-term. Businesses around the world are searching for ways to make their employees happier and more satisfied. Injecting a little humor into the workweek can go a long way toward employee retention.

Emojis are perfect because they are universal symbols of fun and good cheer. You can print the free emoji art onto banners for an office party, use them on invitations and t-shirts for a bridal shower, or even print your own tablecloths for a memorable birthday party. StickerMiner offers party planners the option to buy printed emoji stickers: can you think of any better way to liven up a dull get-together? Make your next party an emoji-themed party, and all of your guests will give you a big "smiley face" and maybe even a "thumbs up."

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