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New! Create your own custom stickers online with StickerMiner

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Everybody loves stickers--especially when they are custom-made for you. That's why the next new thing on StickerMiner is a "create-your-own" sticker option. With just three easy steps, you can design and order your own, custom sticker. If that idea sounds as fun to you as it does to us, read on.

The first step is choosing your size. Do you want a little sticker for a small space, or a large one for all to see? You can choose small, medium, large, or extra large.

After that, it's time to pick your quantity. Are you ordering a few stickers just for yourself, or do you want some for all of your friends? You can order up to 200 stickers on our standard order form, or you can just order one. The best part is that the more you buy, the cheaper they get.

Lastly, it's your turn to upload your own design. This is where your creativity really has a chance to shine through; the possibilities are endless! There are a few standards that your design has to meet to ensure the quality of the product:

  • The uploaded design ideal should be in a vector format, like SVG.
  • If your design isn't available in that format (for example, if you have a .png or .jpg), make sure that it's at least 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels in size.
  • Make sure you write any special instructions or thoughts in the "Comments" box, which our dedicated staff will read and follow.
And there you have it. In three easy steps, you have your very own piece of sticker art. If you're ready to give it a try, go visit our Sticker Order Form and take a look at our options.

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