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The Difference Between Stickers, Labels and Decals.

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Here you are, searching for the perfect sticky piece of art to fill your empty space. Maybe you have something in mind, perhaps you have no idea what you're looking for, but you know it needs to be flawless and smooth because you need to plaster this puppy onto a taunting blank space. That sticker is going to shine! Or maybe you're looking for a decal or a label to make a real statement? What is the difference? Sticker, label, or decal-- it just needs to stick! Or does it?

The Difference:

Sticker- A sticker is usually a small graphical design like a logo or small picture. It can be stuck on any smooth surface, anywhere. It is like sharing a great cup of coffee with a friend, a little intimate piece placed where your hand grips the warm beverage.

coffee cup - sticker

Label- A label is a tag. It is an informational guide adhered to product packaging. Labels are basically identifiers that are made perfect for the package they will stick to.

Honey Jar - label

Decal- A decal is like a large version of a sticker. It can be plastered onto a wall or large window. Much like a sticker, it is, many times, a logo or picture blown up to be seen by a lot of people at one time.

Cafe Window - decal

So, the sticker is what is on the cup that holds the coffee you and your friend ordered, the decal is what is stuck to the huge picture window you're sitting in front of, which advertises the coffee shop and the label is what is sticking to the side of that box of chocolate sauce on a shelf to your left, a nutritional guide.

Now, you know the difference between a sticker, label and decal. They are all two-sided pieces, one informative and the other sticky. Knowing what you need it to adhere to is where the purpose of different titles comes in handy.

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