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Why do kids and adults love stickers?

emoji ideas stickers

Stickers are an instant, flexible, creative way to make your world your own.  No longer just for children, stickers now come in shapes, colors and images to appeal to everyone. Why do we find them so delightful, and why are they so popular?

Stickers are portable. They don't have to hang on a wall or be locked away for safekeeping. They can go anywhere, and stick on pretty much anything, from your locker to your Lamborghini to your lunchbox.

Lunch box stickers

StickerMiner.com - emoji, animals, fruits-vegetables

Stickers mark your territory.  Want to make your laptop a little less like everyone else's? Want to make sure no one walks away with your favorite water bottle? Stickers give you a million personalized ways to say "It's mine!" from your baseball bat to your bedroom door.

Kid Room Door sticker

CutItOutWallStickers.co.uk - Kids Sign Door Room Sticker

Stickers say who you are. Adults spend much of their lives acting like, well, adults. Stickers let us get back to being playful and expressive, by decorating everything from our Cuisinarts to our cars.

Marlon Brandon car sticker

StickerMiner.com - Marlon Brando

Stickers make great collectibles.  They take up hardly any room, and give collectors of all ages a great hobby. Almost any category of stickers makes a great basis for a collection: flowers, animals, unicorns, emojis, photographs, exotic locations, foods, or even pop culture icons like Star Wars and Pokemon.

Everywhere you look, you see people showing off the stickers they like most, buying new ones and admiring the ones their friends have.  They're turning their favorite possessions into personalized works of art.  From the simplest gold stars and smiley faces to the most sophisticated sticker holograms and photographs, there is a perfect sticker out there for everyone. 

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